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José Campos

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

(+351) 964 616 542 | Email | Skype | Twitter | GitHub | Google Scholar | ACM Digital Library | DBLP

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José Campos is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and a researcher at LASIGE since 2019. Before joining the Faculty of Sciences, José was a Research Associate at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering of the University of Washington (USA), where he worked under the supervision of René Just.

José completed his Ph.D. at the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2018 under the supervision of Gordon Fraser, where he studied the applicability of evolutionary algorithms at automatically generating unit test cases for object-oriented software. Prior to that, he completed a Master's degree in Computer Science at Faculty de Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal) under the supervision of Rui Abreu.

José aims to improve the productivity of software developers and testers. José is interested in software engineering, in particular static and dynamic program analysis, evolutionary testing, search-based software engineering, empirical software engineering, mining software repositories, and applied machine learning. José is actively recruiting strong students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. If you are a motivated student who is keen to study software engineering, software testing, programming languages, data mining, or related topics as part of a Master/PhD program, then he would be interested to hear from you.

Last updated: 10 December, 2020