GZoltar: an Eclipse plug-in for Testing and Debugging

A. Riboira and R. Rodrigues and R. Abreu and J. Campos
International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics, 2012


J. Campos and A. Riboira and A. Perez and R. Abreu


Testing and debugging is the most expensive, error-prone phase in the software development life cycle. Automated testing and diagnosis of software faults can drastically improve the efficiency of this phase, this way improving the overall quality of the software. In this paper we present a toolset for automatic testing and fault localization, dubbed GZoltar, which hosts techniques for (regression) test suite minimization and automatic fault diagnosis (namely, spectrum-based fault localization). The toolset provides the infrastructure to automatically instrument the source code of software programs to produce runtime data. Subsequently the data was analyzed to both minimize the test suite and return a ranked list of diagnosis candidates. The toolset is a plug-and-play plug-in for the Eclipse IDE to ease world-wide adoption.


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